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Our City, recognized again and again as one of the best places to live, is truly one-of-a-kind. Made so by the people of our community, as well as those who came before us, who care deeply about our connectivity and responsibility to each other.


Every City must grow and evolve, but the commitment to our shared history is deeply ingrained and part of what makes Orange a special place. I can think of no higher calling than to serve my fellow residents and neighbors as a member of City Council. Sitting on the Council dais for the past 18 months has taught me that there is a better path forward for our City and it can be done in a positive spirit.


As a life-long resident who is deeply involved in my community, I offer something no other candidate has – extensive policy and governing experience. My complete biography is available by clicking on the button at right.


As a non-partisan elected leader, Orange native and business owner, my election in 2020 to serve as the first Latina and representative for District 1 was a tremendous honor. My grassroots campaign proved that Orange is community that supports individuals dedicated to public service.


While I live in Old Towne, my involvement within the City has been widespread and varied. My vision for Orange is a global one in which all our unique neighborhoods, businesses and residents are treated fairly. I would be grateful for your continued trust and your vote in November.


Together we can strengthen Orange for years to come.

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