Community Leaders, Residents & Neighbors are supporting Arianna Barrios for City Council.

"Arianna raised her family in Orange and operates her small business just a few blocks from her home. She appreciates how the policy decisions made by the City Council can affect the quality of life of the residents and businesses in our community."

Carolyn Cavecche, Former Mayor of Orange

Hon. Tita Smith 
Former Mayor of Orange 
Hon. Dr. Steven Choi
68th Assembly District
Lisa Blanc
Citizen of the Year ('17)
Hon. Andrea Yamasaki 
Trustee, OUSD
Adam Duberstein
Respect Orange
Jim Karras 
Respect Orange
Patti Ricci 
Neighbors Say No
Hon. Doug Davert
President, EOCWD
Hon. John Sears 
Board Member, EOCWD
Hon. Allan Bernstein 
Mayor, City of Tustin 
Hon. Gene Hernandez 
Mayor Pro Tem
City of Yorba Linda 
Hon. Duane Cave 
Moulton Niguel
Water District
Hon. Carolyn Cavecche
Former Mayor of Orange
Hon. Dan Slater
Former Mayor Pro Tem City of Orange
Russ & Pat Barrios
Orange Citizens
of the Year ('16)
Gary Remland  
Orange Citizen
of the Year ('15)
Hon. Mark Wayland
Former OUSD Trustee
Adam Feliz
Orange Traffic Commission
Daniel Correa 
Former Orange Planning
Rudy Diaz 
Former Chairman,
Orange Library Found.
Hon. Anthony Kuo  
Irvine City Council 
Hon. Zeke Hernandez 
Trustee, Rancho Santiago
Community College Dist.
Hon. Mark McLoughlin  
Former Trustee,
Hon. Barbara Delgleize
City of Huntington Beach
Francisco Barajas 
Chair, Lake Forest Planning Commission
Endorsing Organizations
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