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Public Safety Supports Barrios

The Barrios campaign was proud to announce two coveted Public Safety endorsements heading into the November 2022 election.

Orange City Firefighters Association (Local 2384) and City of Orange Police Association (Local 33) have both released early endorsements and placed their trust in Barrios to carry their support in her re-election bid.

"This is a very special announcement and I could not be more proud to win the support of our Public Safety associations," said Barrios. "In 2020, neither association made endorsements for District 1. So earning the trust and support of the men and women who protect us everyday is really something to be proud of this time around."

Writing of the endorsement, Miguel Gonzalez, President of Orange City Firefighters Local 2384 said "...You have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to not only the City of Orange but to public safety and the Orange Fire Department. You embody the values of Integrity, Service and Unity."

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